On March 28, 2009 by Blake Kaiser

Over the last decade there is a lot of research and discussion about resilience.  We once thought that there were “special” skills and abilities that youngsters who made it out of “difficult” situations inherently possessed.  Now we know that they are very common skills but skills that get utilized at a younger age and therefore, a skill set that is developed and honed over the years.  That being said, it takes great tenacity to transcend  oneself out of an environment that does not foster achievement or developmental milestones that is otherwise afforded to what others take for granted.  We’ve learned that many children in stressful and problematic situations have excellent adaptation, social competence, good problem solving skills, more autonomy and a sense of purpose. They look in the face of adversity and instead of backing away from it, take it on as a challenge.  They go on to have extraordinary lives and help others along the way as they do.  As a society, we do not talk enough about resilience and success and the positive influence that permeates our every day lives. 

Life affords us brief moments to do extraordinary acts, recognize at least one every day.

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