puget sound and sealsWhile I was born in the South, I lived in the Midwest most of my growing-up years. I was fortunate enough to have lived a challenging childhood which helped build skills for being self-sufficient. I worked on a farm until I was old enough to work in a grocery store, then nights in a factory through high school. I began volunteering in a nursing home at age 13 and quickly realized I loved working with people. As an undergraduate college student at University of Evansville I did an internship in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the first pre-school for abused children and thus launched my career with youngsters. Following my graduate degree from West Virginia University, I trained in Family Therapy with Jay Haley and Cloe’ Madanes. I further began a succession of workshops and programs of study that ensured I would be able to assist the variety of people with whom I work. I also trained in Civil Mediation that has helped me employ improved negotiation skills for families.  I have years of management skills as well as supervision to young clinicians to assist in their training.

I have been certified by the Academy of Certified Social Workers and earned professional licenses in five  states to work as an Independent Practitioner.

I have a wonderful son who has taught me more about being a parent than I have taught him about being a son. I also have a cocker spaniel who is a therapy dog and assists in ways that humans cannot.

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