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Blake and Gabby!

Blake and Gabby!

Taking the first step to seek counseling is the most difficult. Once that decision has been made, deciding what kind of counseling would best suit your needs and who is the most qualified, and best fit, are the next two.

Deciding who is the most competent and the best fit requires only that you take time to look at your counselor’s qualifications and philosophy. It’s imperative that you feel confident to work with whom you choose.

Starting with a counselor is much like recognizing that you are at a crossroads. You have to make a decision which direction to go because just sitting where you are will not move you toward any goal, dream, or nurture your relationships. You have everything you need to make that decision, most people just find that it would help to have someone objective to look at options and perhaps learn new ways to navigate their lives. It’s as simple and as complicated as expressing your thoughts to another person so they can help you navigate that crossroad for your ultimate success.

People’s lives are very busy with trying to manage so many responsibilities. You may be an individual who would best benefit from a telephone consultation in which a few contacts will suffice. Another option is face-to-face contact in a more traditional way, feeling that meeting in person is more your style.

Finally, another option of counseling is WebCounseling.

WebCounseling is an exciting new method for getting expert psychotherapy in your own home. WebCounseling is a powerful tool for finding the right solutions to the difficulties that are holding you back from being more productive and happy.

WebCounseling is an efficient, but professional way to make your life better.Through the amazing convenience of the internet, WebCounseling allows you to work with me, M. Blake Kaiser. Combining years of experience as a psychotherapist with creativity and compassion.  With you, we create hope and healing that you can count on and be sure of the results. With WebCounseling, I’m at your service, no matter where you are, and virtually at any time.

WebCounseling is a dialogue focused on helping YOU. Through the use of email, (and chat, video conferencing, and phone sessions when/if necessary) difficulties are analyzed and solutions explored. Personalized strategies quickly emerge which you can easily and quickly use in the daily give- and-take of your life.

Your WebCounseling begins with the completion of two easy forms and payment; The Contact Form and the submission of an WebClient Agreement Form. After reviewing your materials, I will send a response within the time frame that you request. (Always in twenty four hours)

For most difficulties a three or four email exchange is sufficient to help you. There are some difficulties of course that require more time.   No matter what, your success comes first.


M. Blake Kaiser, ACSW, LICSW

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